Far Cry 5


F.A.N.G. Center

I was the level artist working on the F.A.N.G. Center. I was responsible for blocking and first pass of the structures in the F.A.N.G. Center outpost as designed by Ted McIlwain. I was also responsible for layout/composition, prop callouts and placement, terrain work, and large and small scale story-telling elements. Final textures and modelling of the structures were done by Jasmine Wong and Theo Mills respectively.



St. Francis Veterans Hospital

I was the Level Artist responsible for the Veterans Hospital.  I broke the concept and references for St. Francis Veterans Hospital down and built a modular kit in order to construct the exterior and interior of the building. First pass modelling and texture block outs where also done by me before passing on the structure to Merritt Filban (texturing) and Oleg Lovtsov (modelling) for completion and refinement. I worked closely with Robyn Sinclair on the overall design and layout of the hospital and surrounding area and Grant Corless completed the terrain work, prop placement and storytelling for the exterior grounds.

March 2018